Jamie first became a member of the ARC Toy Library and Resource centre when he was around 2 years old. In those days, much of the equipment he borrowed was focussing on the development of his gross motor skills. Twelve years later, at the age of 16, Jamie is once again a regular borrower in at the centre. These days he makes his own borrowing choices and tends to choose puzzles, books, puppets, and games.

Jamie’s mum Vali says “Jamie likes exploring new things, and coming into the Toy Library to borrow gives him a sense of importance. He is very independent in his choices, so I just sit back and let him take his time. We had a break for a few years because we had loaned just about every item at least once! When I heard that the Toy Library was stocking new resources I asked Jamie if he would like to come back, and he was very enthusiastic. The new resources have definitely sparked his interest. Next year Jamie will do work experience through school, and we are hoping he will be able to have a placement in the Toy Library!”