I am Jana and this year I have done some cool things where I have had lots of fun. I got taught how to do some funky dancing with other young people from Trinity Bay High School. It was really good and I made new friends and I am doing it again this year and it was lovely to see all the students again.

I love hanging out with my friends whenever I can, and I am part of the “Groovy Chicks” social group. We have fun and do lots of cool things such as movie nights and BBQ's.

This year I went to my first concert to see Tina Arena. I am a writer for the ARC Magazine and I wrote and sent an email to Tina Arena’s publicist to ask for an interview. We did not get an interview but she gave us free tickets to the concert it was awesome. I enjoyed the night and being out.

At ARC I love working in the new Café and learning the till and meeting and talking to people. My other favourite program is drawing at the art studio.