Karen & Jane

My favourite activity this year was a cruise to Vanuatu for my holiday. I had my bags packed weeks before and was so excited to travel on the plane and the “big boat.” We stayed in Brisbane the night before at a hotel across the street from the cruise ship. The weather was lovely and I made so many friends. I liked to show off my nails and I loved changing into all my new outfits. Every night I went out to dinner, the theatre and dancing. Once I was even chosen to go up on stage and perform a dance with the Stage Production team.

There was so much to do! I swam in the pool, went in the hot tub, and did craft activities, karaoke and table tennis. We went ashore and met the local people and I was able to buy some souvenirs. Lots of people recognised me as I was on the cruise video highlights most nights. So I felt like a star! My favourite thing was to be in the Pop Princess Choir. We practised most days and then had a performance in the Atrium in front of lots of people. Everyone said I was the best singer and we were given a glass of pink champagne afterwards.

I was so busy I even slept in several mornings till 8am! I often look at my dvd of the trip to remember all the fun I had.

By Jane Barns


I have had a busy and fun year but the most exciting time was to go on holiday on a cruise ship. I liked flying to Brisbane on the plane and looking at the ship from the window of the hotel where we had dinner the night before. I made friends when I went to the activities like craft classes and line dancing lessons. They had a Hawaiian theme dance party by the pool and I did really well at the Macarena.

It was fun dressing up and going to the Restaurant every night. I was able to tour the huge kitchen and meet the chefs. The ice carving show was amazing.

I went ashore in Vanuatu and bought some nice clothes and souvenirs from the markets and had lunch in a really nice café. Going to Vanuatu reminded me of my time in Fiji when I was young. Although I am quite shy, lots of people chatted to me and I really enjoyed meeting new people. I was able to take photos and put together a big poster to put in my room to remind me of my holiday.

By Karen Bromfield