The Portegy's Family

When my family chose to self direct our funding package “your life your choice” we did not realise the full benefit it was to give us.

Knowing my funding amount and already accessing respite, I set about choosing what therapies would most improve my children’s ability to not only access the community but enhance their learning and physical skills. My son now accesses speech therapy and hydro, my daughter does her riding for the disabled, something not possible before. We also have extra respite, so my husband and I went out for dinner (just the two of us) for the first time since having the youngest, that was rejuvenating.

The change over was relatively easy, knowing what I wanted for my children, and the support from Kat at ARC made it straight forward. I opened a bank account only for the funding and made a spreadsheet for the year, which tallies my projected spending and actual spending, this is my choice, that’s the great thing about self directing, its your choice how you spend the money within the guidelines of your package, how you keep a record of it and who you choose to do the caring role for respite or who you pick for your child’s therapy etc.

Recently I needed something for my daughter, not factored into my plan for her, having the knowledge of what I have spent and what I still have I was able to get it for her. This I found to be very benefiting, no stress in wondering, no panic phone calls.

Overall I found self directing easy to set up and the benefits very rewarding for my family.

Victoria Portegys