Dasiy & Judy

We left on Friday morning. Sue and Roseanne picked us up at the house and drove in Sue’s big car. We stopped at a Café at Mount Molloy, for morning tea and drinks. We listened to our music in the car when we were driving. We got out of the car and put the tents up. We some Dance Festival and all the people from different communities came to perform themselves. My favorite things about my holiday is sleeping in tent, having toasted marsh mellows and the children dancing. I enjoyed joining in the dance when people asked us. I also enjoyed the films we watched made by aboriginals film people and some were very funny, Judy and I were laughing very loud. I would like to go back again next time and take treats.

By Daisy Yantumba 


I went to Laura to see my people dancing and singing because I haven’t seen them since I was little in Pormpuraaw. I was cheering and clapping my hands for them. I was really happy to go to childhood visit to Laura when I was little.  It was a great opportunity to go, I really enjoyed myself and had lots of fun there. I enjoyed camping up there, sleeping in tents was fun and exciting.

By Judy Yantumba