ARC’s NDIS pre planning with individuals and families continues. So far over 100 families have registered to engage in this service and our referrals will remain open up to and including July 1st 2018 which is the date that NDIS funding rolls out in our region.  


ARC is flexible with where we meet you, so if you have lots of  commitments in your lives and you have difficulties in getting to the ARC offices we are more than happy to come and visit you.


If you want to register for this free service please contact your coordinator , Phil Wright on 4046 3611 or Natasha on 4046 3614. Pre planning documents can be e-mailed to you prior to your meeting and Phil and Natasha are happy to answer your questions about NDIS at any time.


ARC has also put together a brief check list about what you should be taking to your planning meeting and this is currently on our Facebook Page and will be available on the website very soon.


Early next year ARC will be holding a panel for NDIS questions – stay tuned for the date/time.

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