Accessing ARC's Programs

ARC Disability Services Inc. offers a wide variety of options and opportunities for all ages across multiple locations, whether funded or fee for services.

From Monday through to Friday we have an extensive range of purposeful learning options incorporating many different elements, including health, creative arts, work/life skills, and social opportunities, catering to all levels of need in respectful and actively supported environments. People are often surprised at the range of options we have available, ensuring there is always something for everyone. On average, support workers work to a ratio of 1:3 with the needs of the group taken in to consideration and higher or lower ratios depending on the level of support required.

For younger people, we offer a school holiday program which runs during the school holidays throughout the year. Participants get to experience a wide range of fun and exciting activities with skilled support workers providing an exceptional level of care, compassion and patience, ensuring your child has a positive outcome. ARC also offers a young person’s social group monthly on a Friday night, providing even more opportunity for young people to develop and socialise in a supported and safe environment.

If you are after opportunities with a focus on fun and socialisation, our social groups are a great way to meet new people and be supported to engage in a variety of different activities. Some of the social groups ARC offers include bowling, BBQs, camps and meals out. We also have social groups tailored to a person’s age and gender, so can be a great a way to meet other people similar to you in an environment where you feel comfortable and safe.

ARC prides itself on the quality of our programs offered and the level of support and learning that people are engaged in. If you would like further information please contact Sheridan Lawton, General Manager of Programs, on 07 4046 3607 or email/Sheridan)(arcinc.org.au.

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