Skill for Life - Health and Wellbeing

It’s all about you and your journey to a healthy and fitter lifestyle. Whether it is food and nutrition, sport and fitness or general mental and physical wellbeing we have it all.

Skill for Life - Healthy Lifestyle

Goal of this Skill for Life: To learn how to have a healthy lifestyle including healthy eating, being active, positivity and a heathy body and mind.                                        

Program Content:

  • Focus on healthy foods, including recognising simple symbols used on food packaging
  • Group discussion and research on healthy foods
  • Purchase and preparation of healthy foods
  • Community visit to identify healthy foods and good choices
  • Practical opportunities to improve movement and increase daily activity
  • Preparation and sharing of healthy food
  • Relaxation and stress management
  • How to maintain healthy body and minds 

Skill for Life - Sports

Goal of this Skill for Life: To undertake sports activity.

Program Content:

  • Health declaration
  • Individual level of fitness and ability
  • Safety and risk
  • Rules and behaviour
  • Sports skills
  • Fitness
  • Coordination
  • Community engagement sports centre/space
  • Discuss and plan sports to be trialled/play
  • Options- cricket, basketball, touch football, Boccia, Soccer, Hockey, Tennis
  • Indoor and outdoor options (weather and season
  • Learn safe use of any equipment
  • Appropriate dress 

Skill for Life - Fitness and Exercise

Goal of this Skill for Life: To have fun while getting fit and doing exercise.

Course Content:

  • Health and fitness levels assessed
  • Health declaration
  • Safety and risk including any equipment
  • Rules and behavior
  • Appropriate dress
  • Importance of fitness and exercise
  • Warm up and slow down end session activities
  • Varied exercise classes
  • Fun based physical activities
  • Fun based physical games
  • Walking
  • Stretching
  • Coordination and strength based activities
  • Indoor and Outdoor options due to season and weather
  • Community engagement visits to use particular space or equipment 

Skill for Life - Health and Mind

Goal of this Skill for Life: To have a healthy body and mind.                                        

Program Content:

  • Basic body and mind facts
  • Food and nutrition, what we eat
  • Medication
  • Healthy teeth and bones
  • Importance of Sleep
  • Excursion/s
  • Things we should do every day to stay healthy
  • Activity
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Friends and relationships