Lifestyle Support Services

ARC Lifestyle Support Service – where opportunities are unlimited and lifestyle is just the beginning.

The ARC Lifestyle Support Service provides support to people living within their own homes within the community. This may be an individual or shared living arrangement, and the level of support provided varies based on the individual needs of the person, and the level of support which is funded.

This is a holistic support option which assists the person to plan their whole of life activities, based on their identified dreams, aspirations and future plans. Each individual is supported and empowered to pursue opportunities for:

  • Educational / vocational studies
  • Access leisure activities
  • Holidays
  • Develop and maintain independent living skills
  • Social skills
  • Increase community networks and connections

The Lifestyle support services assists people to live independently in the community, either as co-tenants in a shared house or as negotiated within available funding. Lifestyle support works collaboratively with people who have disabilities, their families and support networks. We offer an individual approach to supporting each person developing skills to assist reaching their goals and aspirations. Goals are developed with the service user, focusing on daily living skills, vocation/employment options and recreation.