Your Life Your Choice

The opportunity to Self-Direct funding through “Your Life Your Choice” now means that there is a framework for us all to work with, to make sure this happens in a way that best meets your needs, provides value for money, and opportunities which promote an inclusive and positive life for all community members.

The ARC Self Directed Funding Consultancy offers people who have a disability, their families and support networks full opportunity to direct their supports and services to the extent which they are confident and comfortable. 

We offer a range of options which can be utilised individually or together to build an individualised response for each     person, plus “add ons” available on a user pays basis, which can provide specialist assistance or full service delivery.

Change between options is available, with support provided to develop skills to become more empowered with taking on more responsibility as confidence grows ensuring each person has the option to mix and match the type and level of assistance they require, to turn their package into the support they need.

The main service options are:

Host - You pay bills from a separate account

Host - ARC will pay a limited number of bills for you

Full service - We will organise all support at your direction.

It’s all about CHOICE...

Choice: You can choose the support you get and where from.

Individual Budget: You know how much money you can use for your support.

Self-Determination: You have the authority, support, or representation to make your own decisions.

Accessibility: You can understand the rules and systems and are able to get help easily.

Flexible Funding: You can use your money flexibly and creatively.

Accountability: You will tell people how you used your money.

...and CONTROL