Our Strategic Plan


ARC will increase active participation of people with a disability by using existing resources to provide a greater range of quality service options..​

  • Maximize space to increase service provision options. 

  • Increasing the ratio by 15% of casual to permanent positions. 

  • Contemporary Governance Principles are evidenced throughout the organisation and are actively reviewed for service improvements. 

  • The organisation implements robust financial management systems to support the operations aligned with the NDIS. 

  • The organisation’s risk management framework capitalizes on opportunities whilst mitigating risk.

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ARC will influence positive change for people with a disability by investing in professional development and sector initiatives..​

  • Ongoing monitoring and management of capability and capacity to ensure the quality of services continue to meet both demand and expectations. 

  • Implement systems to measure service quality and organisational capacity. 

  • ARC will invest within the local disability community to ensure a standard of service provision to people with a disability as well as shared knowledge within the sector. 

  • Valuing people with a disability, their families and community by enhancing opportunities for connection.



ARC will work collaboratively with all stakeholders to ensure the culture of the organisation continues to align with the mission and values..

  • ARC will actively engage in double loop communications with people with a disability, families, team members and stakeholders to embrace a culture of “community” within the organisation. 

  • Community is celebrated through strong communication with people with a disability, their families, team members and stakeholders. 

  • Moments and milestones that promote a culture of inclusion and success will be celebrated. 

  • Professional development, training, supervision and team meetings are valued and embraced across the organisation to further embed the organisation’s culture. 

  • Board and Management to promote ARC’s mission and values to ensure that they are embraced and embedded across the organisation..