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Tending Plants

Life Skills

Learning whilst practicing is what we do.  Our programs develop your everyday life skills to build your ability and support you to be as independent and self-manageable as possible.

Reading, writing, discussion & Ipad

Dependent on the individuals this can be  reading to individuals and then discussion around the topic or story, or for individuals who would like to practice their reading and writing skills as well as develop good communication through various ways.

Independent Living Skills

Program focuses on increasing independence in areas of personal care, money management, learn practical skills in how to clean, sweep, wash up and make a bed. Discussion and practical opportunities to manage own personal care,  washing, showering, hair care. Practical opportunities to learn how to care for    clothing including washing, ironing, folding and hanging out of clothes. 


Participants will be involved in a 12 week recipe planning, shopping and cooking program as well as learning  about healthy eating and food hygiene. Learn about kitchen safety and use of equipment and tools used in the kitchen. Learn different cooking techniques. Each week you will be shopping, preparing and cooking a different recipe.    Cost contribution POA. 

Community Participation

Individuals will discuss and arrange visits within the local community to a variety of places covering many aspects of what is in and around the local community with opportunities for ongoing engagement. Learn how to plan a trip and  gain knowledge of the local area. Cost contribution : POA

Beauty & Hygiene

Individuals look at various aspects of grooming and beauty.  This will include hair care, nail care, personal hygiene with an element of relaxation and massage and skin care. Cost contribution : POA ​

Interactive Learning Games

Individuals will be engaged in a variety of games that incorporate communication, movement, memory, social, literacy and numeracy skills. 

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