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We have our own computers, iPads, video and photographic equipment for you to challenge yourself or maintain your skills.  Make a film, write a story or article, and create promotional videos. It's up to you.


Individuals write their own stories exploring concepts of how and what a story should include and ideas of interest then writing this in a story format, also exploring the concept of sensory stories.  Options to print stories are available once completed.     


Individuals will be assisted to write songs and music for a variety of purposes. Learn the process of collating and putting together a song by way of lyrics and music.  Creating sounds, music  and effects for projects ARC is engaged in.   ​ 


Taking photographs, learning different styles, objects, black and white, downloading to computer and printing if appropriate.  Putting together short films using photographs and film footage.    

SCRIPT / FILM MAKING  Individuals write a script or adapt a script and produce a film. They learn how to  collate a script, use equipment such as camera, video camera and computers.      

Computers / Ipads  

Learn various computer and IPAD skills. Learn the difference between a computer and IPAD, learn reading and writing skills, how to use a computer & IPAD. How to use the internet to search for words, images and learning apps.  Project work and/or flyers creation.  Adapted to varying levels of ability.   

Promotional group & Short Films  

Learn how to write a script and produce a short film or help work on a film being produced. Discuss script ideas and planning, Learn how to use the equipment. Learn how to put forward script ideas.    

Magazine writing  

Learn how to write articles, conduct interview, collate, edit, design and layout work for a magazine. Producing weekly good news and promotional stories for ARC. Learn how to research, interview, photograph and learn what making a film involved.  Produce articles and flyers.

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