Skill for Life - Life Skills

Being as self-reliant and independent in activities of daily living is important to us. Learning whilst practicing is what we do.

Skill for Life - Cooking

Goal of this Skill for Life: To gain skills in meal preparation, shopping and cooking.

Program Content:
  • Discuss with group any dietary restrictions, allergies, restrictions
  • Choose recipes- planning and preparation
  • Go shopping
  • Cook recipe chosen
  • Bring home prepared /cooked food
  • Learn about kitchen safety and use of equipment and tools
  • Prepare and tidy up kitchen area
  • Learn how to apply different cooking techniques

Skill for Life - Independent Living

Goal of this Skill for Life: To learn skills to aid independent living.

Program Content:

  • How to manage money, pay bills, use ATM
  • Learn practical skills in how to clean, sweep, wash up, make a bed
  • Discussion and practical opportunities to manage own personal care, washing, showering, hair care, shaving
  • Practical opportunities to learn how to care for clothing, to include washing, ironing, folding, hanging.
  • Use of a calendar
  • Table manners
  • Human Growth and Development

Skill for Life - Community Participation

Goal of this Skill for Life: To connect participants with their local community and creating opportunities for ongoing engagement.

Program Content:

  • Bowling
  • Cinema
  • Knowledge of local area
  • Gallery
  • Council buildings
  • Entry cost if applicable
  • Learn how to plan a trip
  • Museum
  • Transport- dependent on group
  • Swimming- optional dependent on group
  • Personal and financial safety

Skill for Life - Literacy and Numeracy Basic

Goal of this Skill for Life: To learn basic numeracy and literacy skills.

Program Content:

  • Learn days of the week
  • Months of year
  • Seasons
  • Key words and signs in office, community, shopping, public transport
  • Create own picture dictionary
  • Practice simple forms
  • Numbers up to 50
  • Excursions to community venues

Skill for Life - Literacy and Numeracy Intermediate

Goal of this Skill for Life: To learn numeracy and literacy skills at an intermediate level.

Program Content:

  • Review basic level- days of week, months, seasons and basic key
  • Read newspapers
  • Read timetables/identify route numbers
  • Café menu’s
  • Shopping catalogues
  • Practice form filling
  • Write shopping lists
  • Search for library books, use reference numbers
  • Create cards/cheat sheets to assist with numbers/words
  • Focus on numbers up to 50
  • Learn basic time readings
  • Money and Counting
  • Calculate simple shopping bills/make purchases
  • Excursions to library, café, shops and use public transport