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Plan Management

ARC Plan Management Service provides the opportunity for participants under the NDIS to 'self-direct' their funding. The service allows participants to receive supports innovatively and can be provided via a number of opportunities including private contractors, generic services and NDIS Providers. 


Everyone has control over their own destiny. 

​We provide a person-centered approach, where the support provided is individualized according to the interests and needs of that person. Planning is a collaborative process between the participant, key workers, parents, stakeholders and anyone else they may want involved.


Each participant that is Plan Managed by ARC is assigned a Coordinator who will be the sole point of contact.
We are maximizing the choice and independence of the participant, and are working hard to facilitate tailored and flexible responses to individuals goals and needs.



A strong focus on valuing and building on the individual's strengths, inherent worth and capabilities is core to ARC Plan Management.  


Contact the ARC Plan Management Team

You can get in touch with the team by contacting us.

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