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Policies for Staff

Read some of ARC's policies for staff below.

Workplace Health & Safety Policy Statement

To outline and promote the safety culture of ARC, the Workplace Health & Safety Policy Statement applies to employees, board members, volunteers and participants who access or deliver ARC services.

Privacy Statement Policy

The primary purpose for collecting personal information is to provide disability services to people in need, including planning, funding, monitoring and evaluating ARC's services. 

Cancellation of Service Under the NDIS

This policy guides and directs members of ARC staff and ARC participants to minimise the risk of cancellation, no show or late change to a scheduled support.

General Grievance Resolution Policy

ARC's General Grievance Resolution Policy is to ensure that all associated with ARC have a structured process by which to air disputes, conflicts and/or grievances with regard to services or contact made with ARC.

Whistle Blower Policy

This policy applies to all persons performing work at the direction of, in connection with or on behalf of ARC relating to conduct breaching policies and procedures.

Business Practices for NDIS Policy

This policy is an expressed commitment to the mission and values of ARC, and observing the General Principles of the National Disability Insurance Agency, as a provider of supports, support coordination and plan management services.

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