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Policies for Staff

Read some of ARC's Strategic policies for staff below.

Are you an ARC Staff member looking for ARC's full suite of Operational Policies and Procedures?

Head on over to Akuety where you can view these and other important documents via the Internal Resources tab

Conflict of Interest Policy

Assists board members, employees and volunteers of ARC Disability Services Inc. (ARC) to effectively identify, disclose and manage any actual, potential or perceived conflicts of interest in order to protect the integrity of ARC and manage risk.

Privacy Statement Policy

The primary purpose for collecting personal information is to provide disability services to people in need, including planning, funding, monitoring and evaluating ARC's services. 

Governance and Operational Management Policy

Corporate governance is the over-arching framework which governs the organisation and the services delivered. ARC Disability Services Inc. (ARC) is committed to providing a high-quality service to Participants and maintaining business practices that demonstrate high standards of corporate governance.

Risk Management Policy

Provides a risk management framework endorsed by ARC's Board, to minimise employee, volunteers, service
users and visitor’s exposure to risks within the organisation.

Whistle Blower Policy

This policy applies to all persons performing work at the direction of, in connection with or on behalf of ARC relating to conduct breaching policies and procedures.

Business Practices for NDIS Policy

This policy is an expressed commitment to the mission and values of ARC, and observing the General Principles of the National Disability Insurance Agency, as a provider of supports, support coordination and plan management services.

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