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At ARC, there's a program for everyone. From bike rides and swimming trips to Tobruk pool, to arts and crafts or cooking up a storm in our very own café.


ARC Programs are person centred, giving control to participants to choose how they want to reach their goals, and how they want to spend their time. We inspire positive futures by assisting in the development of skills and providing support at all stages of life. Programs are focussed on developing confidence required for independence, socialisation, healthy living and within the workforce.

We have a wide variety of activities that occur throughout the week for particular age groups and interests and welcome participant input and suggestions to help make ARC Programs even better. 

Life Skills

Learning whilst practicing is what we do. Life skill programs develop your everyday skills to build your ability and support you to be as independent as possible. 

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Hands On Activities

If you love hands on learning and fun then this may be for you. Fixing, constructing or animal loving activities galore! Explore your passions.

Health and Wellbeing

We offer a range of programs to assist you maximise your health and wellbeing and quality of life. Whatever your journey improved health is important whether it be food and nutrition, sport and fitness or general mental and physical wellbeing we cover it all.



We have our own computers, iPads, video and photographic equipment for you learn new skills, challenge yourself or maintain your skills. 


Work Experience

ARC offers participants the chance to gain employability skills across a range of industries and provides opportunity for education and training to get workforce ready.


Creative Arts

Where participants have the chance to explore their creative side and express themselves. With aspirations supported whilst enhancing skills and bringing out talent. The ARC Creative Ensemble is taking stages and screens by storm.

Contact the Programs Team

You can get in touch with the team and ARC Programs by contacting us.

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