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At ARC, there is a program for everyone!


We offer a diverse range of programs, including all things creative, sports and fitness, technology based, skills building and so much more. ARC Programs are person-centered, empowering participants to chart their own course towards their personal goals and provide the freedom to choose how their time is spent.

We have a wide variety of different activities available based from our 4 site locations around Cairns and we always encourage participant input and suggestions to continually enhance and develop our programs.

Join us in building confidence, fostering independence and creating lasting connections at ARC. Together, we make every program an opportunity for growth and fulfillment.

Health & Wellbeing

We offer a range of programs to assist you maximise your health, wellbeing and overall quality of life. Whether you are looking to improve or maintain your health and fitness, mental and physical wellbeing or just get out doors and have fun with friends, these programs cover it all. They include bike riding, swimming, yoga, gym, relaxation and massage, sports and games such as All Abilities Rugby in collaboration with Brothers RLFC.

Life Skills

Our life skills programs focus on increasing independence through supporting you to learn, develop and practice a range of valuable skills used in day-to-day life.


Some of these programs on offer include cooking, hair and hygiene, independent living skills and literacy and numeracy.

Hands On

If you enjoy using your hands to create, learn and have fun then these programs may be for you. There are opportunities 

to construct, repair and sometimes get your hands a little dirty.


Some of these programs include woodwork, gardening, maintenance and sailing.


Learn various skills on the computer and iPad. Learn the difference between a desktop and a touch pad and how to use the internet to search for words, images and learning apps. Project work and/or design tasks also available. These programs are adapted to varying levels of ability.  These programs include computers, multimedia, photography, short film, nintendo gaming.

Visual Arts

Our City Hub is a space dedicated to all things art. It’s a space where you are free to express yourself. Through our collaborations with places like The Tanks and other Council projects we often have opportunities for participants to exhibit their work all over Cairns. We also have some crafts programs available at our other locations. Some of the programs we run include sewing, painting, drawing, sculpture, card making, tye dying, jewelry making, scrapbooking.

Performing Arts

Do you like to perform or express yourself through music or movement? These programs are for you! From the multi award winning short film 'The Do’s and Don'ts's of Getting Married' to our annual performance with Tropical Arts and our published short story books, the ARC Creatives are taking Cairns and the world by storm. Some of our arts programs include drama, dance, drumming, choir, story writing.

Work Experience

These programs provide opportunity for education and training as well as opportunities to do some hands-on volunteer work to help get you workforce ready across a range of industries. These include our fully functioning and open to public cafe, in the ARC Inclusive Education Resource Centre, Cairns Council volunteer garden project and at the Bolton Clark aged care facility.

Discover Our Program Locations

ARC Programs take place across 4 locations:

  • Our Hub on Little Street

  • Our Community Hall on McNamara Street

  • The City Hub on Aumuller Street

  • ARC51 in Edmonton

More information about our locations can be found on our Contact Us page. 

Contact the Programs Team

You can get in touch with the team and ARC Programs by contacting us.

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