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Coordination of Supports

About Coordination of Support

Support coordination is an NDIS funded support designed to help you to build capacity to use and manage your NDIS supports. The role of a support coordinator, or “coordination of supports”, is to help empower you to understand and navigate your NDIS plan.


A support coordinator will assist you to understand your NDIS budget and what it can be used for. Once you understand your plan and how it works, support coordination can assist you to implement your supports and activities according to your needs to work towards to your goals.

A support coordinator can also help you and your support circle to address unexpected events or challenges, such as going to hospital or exploring home and living options.


With the help of a support coordinator, you will also be able to build your own capacity to manage your supports, allowing you to take greater control of achieving your goals and living more independently.

Contact the Coordination of Supports Team

You can get in touch with the team by contacting us.

Coordination of Support at ARC

Our Support Coordinators are NDIS registered and operate independently of the other services at ARC. This means they will provide expert, unbiased support to participants with a focus on enhancing participant choice and control over the support providers and services involved in their lives.

Because ARC offers multiple services, we acknowledge that conflicts of interest have the potential to occur.

ARC is committed to managing conflicts of interest, for which we have developed a Conflict of Interest Statement alongside a Conflict of Interest Policy and Support Coordination Policy. Read our Conflict of Interest Statement below, and find our policies on our Policies for Participants page.


Learn more about Coordination of Support


Access the NDIS' information about Coordination of Supports on their website via the link below. There you will also find a video that explains the service.


The information will help you to undersand: 

  • what a Support Coordinator does

  • how Support Coordination is added into your NDIS plan

  • the 3 levels of Support Coordination



If you have any questions about Support Coordination, please feel free to contact us to find out more.




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