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Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living is an invaluable service that focuses on creating inspiring lifestyles of choice, control and empowerment.  ​

Supported Independent Living provides support to people living in their own homes within the community. 

The NDIS will fund the participant based on the needs of the person, and the level of support they require.

ARC Disability Services - Participant smiling while cooking - Credit Gemma Cole Photograph

ARC is dedicated to promoting a holistic support option, which assists a person to plan their whole-of-life activities. 

This is based on their identified dreams, aspirations and future plans. Each participant is supported and empowered to pursue opportunities such as:

  • Educational / vocational studies

  • Accessing leisure activities

  • Holidays

  • Developing and maintaining independent living skills

  • Social skills

  • Increasing community networks and connections

From our Supported Independent Living participants

ARC Disability Services - Participant smiling with dance teacher holding certificate.jpg


I have enjoyed going to rehearsals and making new friends. I was excited on the night of the main performance, the Michael Jackson extravaganza and dressing up.

ARC Disability Services Inc. - Participant cooking with employee at cafe work experience.j


I have recently started volunteering at Eat Real Café for a couple of hours every week.  This is helping me build my workforce skills.  Here, I am making Chicken Noodle Rice Wraps.

ARC Disability Services Inc_edited_edite


I recently started hydrotherapy with my Physiotherapist to build more strength and I enjoyed being in the water. I am really looking forward to my next session. I love swimming!

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