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Holiday House

The ARC Holiday House provides Short Term Accommodation Assistance to people with disabilities in a friendly, tailorable to need and family style supported residential settings. 

Our Residential Short Term Accommodation service is based in a large wheelchair accessible family style house in Manunda. We offer guests an opportunity for a complete break from their usual living circumstances by providing overnight care for short periods or for longer stays. Support is provided to meet individual needs and as negotiated with our guest, their family/carer(s) and as documented in our mandatory information forms.


Be Our Guest

Guest’s usual routines and activities can be continued where possible and required. For those guests who do not have daily activities organised, our friendly Holiday House team members will support guests with suitable activities during the day.


Additionally, all Holiday House guests are encouraged to participate as active members of the household to ensure any skills being built upon are maintained and new learning opportunities presented.

Up to 4 guests can stay at the Holiday House at any one time, with an additional place possible to be made available in the event of an emergency situation.

Contact the ARC Holiday House

You can get in touch with the team about the Holiday House by contacting us.

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