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Participant Charter

ARC Disability Services Inc. operate with a vision that people who have a disability are empowered to reach their full potential, goals and aspirations. Our mission is to be a leading service provider that influences change. We work collaboratively with our service users, their support networks and the community to facilitate a range of options and opportunities which promote active participation for all. Our values are Collaboration, Commitment, Creativity, Diversity, Empowerment, Flexibility, Respect and Fun.

This Participant Charter sets out a framework in which ARC works with each individual and their support networks who chose to access ARC as a service provider. This is a consolidation of information from within the organisation. For detailed information please review the relevant policy, procedures and service agreements.  

Service Access


ARC will work with all Participants and their Stakeholders to ensure ARC is the best provider for the individual. In instances where ARC may not be the right provider, have capacity or capability, ARC will work with all individuals to look for alternative services.

Participants will be supported to access ARC’s services in culturally considered manner. When required or requested, interpreter services will be engaged to support participants in accessing ARC’s services. These may include:

Translating and Interpreting Service:                  131 450


For people with hearing or speech loss TTY:     1800 555 677

Speak and Listen:                                                  1800 555 727

National Relay Service Chat:                      


Service Delivery


ARC Services will be delivered as directed by Participant’s and their support networks. Services will be provided in a culturally sensitive manner aligned with each individual. A service agreement will be developed with each participant detailing the roles and responsibilities of each party. Services will be able to be varied upon negotiation, at the direction of the participant to ensure choice and control.


Person Centered


ARC will always act in good faith and in the interest of the Participant. To achieve this, ARC will provide the Participant (and their support networks) with maximum choice and control in the delivery of services. 


ARC’s team are informed of Person-Centered Active Supports at the time of their induction and continue to evolve their understanding of this framework for the life of their employment with ARC. This is to ensure all participants remain empowered to live the lives of their own choosing.


Conflict of Interest


ARC will act in the best interests of the Participant, ensuring that they are well informed and empowered to execute choice and control over the supports implemented. ARC will not (by act or omission) constrain, influence or direct decision-making by a person so as to limit that person’s access to information, opportunities, choice and control. ARC declares publicly that the organisation provides multiple services and works to ensure conflicts of interest (including potential or perceived conflicts) are declared and managed so not to impact on Participant’s choice and control.


Freedom of Choice


All Participants have the right to freely choose services from any number of providers. A team member from ARC will always work with the Participants (and their support networks) to ensure they are able to freely consider all options of services and make the choice that best suits them.




Privacy is a high priority in all dealings with Participants and their support networks. ARC adheres to the 13 Australian Privacy Principles.

It is the policy of ARC that all information that comes through the organisation is managed and used appropriately.

Personal information will only be collected for a purpose that is lawful and directly related to a function or activity relating to the service provided.


Information Management & Confidentiality


Information Management

ARC will allow individuals access their own personal information if requested unless the individual has been denied access through an authorised person or by law. ARC will ensure that personal information is stored securely, and that personal information will only be held for as long as required. Information that is no longer required to be held by the organisation will be securely archived or disposed.


ARC respects the rights of all Participants and their support networks to confidentiality in all our dealings. All of ARC Staff and Volunteers will strive to ensure confidentiality is maintained at all times. This will include intellectual data; as well as physical/environmental confidentiality. 


Incident Management


Whilst all care is undertaken in the support provided, ARC acknowledges there are times when incidents occur.


ARC will manage each incident as they arise to ensure the safety and well-being for all.

Participants and their stakeholders will be informed of any incidents that they are involved with, including the ability to provide feedback on any future improvements/key learnings.


Should a Participant wish to further debrief with a member of ARC following an incident, they are able to request this and a time will be arranged within 72 hours.


Feedback, Compliments & Complaints

ARC encourages an organisation of continuous improvement.


There may be times when Participants or their support networks may wish to provide ARC with feedback, let us know a compliment, or make a complaint. These can be made directly to the internal ARC contact the Participant would usually work with, or to the following contacts:


ARC’s Quality Officer:      07 4046 3600


ARC’s CEO:                       07 4046 3602


ARC’s Board:          

All feedback and complaints are treated confidentially and taken seriously. ARC encourages this open dialogue and works with the Participant/their supporter network to rectify any identified issues/work through any complaints. ARC will work to ensure this is undertaken in a collaborative approach and with no impact to the delivery of services.


Should a Participant or their support network require any support in providing compliments, feedback or complaints, advocacy agencies may be able to provide additional support. These may include:

Rights in Action                                                            07 4031 7377

QLD Aged & Disability Advocacy                             1800 818 338

Disability Legal Advocacy Service                             1800 650 197

National Disability Insurance Agency                       1800 800 110

NDIS Quality & Safeguards Commission                 1800 035 544


Service Pricing & Cancellations

Service Pricing

ARC will adhere to the NDIS Price Guide or any other Agency pricing arrangements and guidelines as in force from time to time, and ensure that the Claims and Finance Team are up to date with NDIA requirements. ARC will only make a claim request once a support has been delivered.

Service Cancellations

ARC acknowledges that at times Participants will need to cancel supports. To ensure Participants are able to exercise their choice and control, maintain their health and well-being whilst being able to meet our employer obligations, ARC has identified the minimum cancellation period without penalty being 3:00pm the day prior to the support. This is for all supports other than 'program of supports' which are agreed upon in program blocks to ensure the continuity of services for all Participants.



ARC prioritizes the safety of all. This includes Participants and their stakeholders, Team Members, Volunteers, and Members of the community. ARC will always err on the side of caution to ensure safety is not compromised in the delivery of service.

Should a concern regarding safety be raised, ARC will action to remedy this within 24 hours where possible.



ARC prioritises communication with all key stakeholders including Participants at all times.

ARC has committed to quarterly newsletters, as well as ad-hoc communication when time-limited activities and events are occurring.

During times of crisis or emergency, ARC will increase the frequency of communication to work to ensure all parties are informed. This will include relying on electronic means where possible including ARC’s website and Facebook page. ARC will also email out immediate correspondence. If required ARC will also utilise SMS, direct telephone and Australia Post services to ensure all Participants have the ability to receive information. All efforts will be made to ensure communication is in a method of Participant's individual choosing should a preference be shared with the organisation.


COVID-19 & Pandemic Management

In January 2020 the World Health Organisation declared the COVID-19 virus a pandemic. Since this time, ARC has been actively working within the directions of the Australian Government and Queensland Health to ensure the safety and wellbeing of ARC’s Participants, Stakeholders, Team Members and the general community. Over this time, ARC has had to scale back and cancel services for this purpose. This has been undertaken at the advice/direction of the specialists. ARC will continue to monitor and manage the COVID-19 pandemic and any future pandemics in this way. The priority will be on the protection of life and wellbeing of all. Any impact to the delivery of services will be communicated as per the above Communication policy.


It remains a policy of ARC that all staff members were required to have a minimum of two doses of COVID-19 vaccinations.

ARC will continue to follow the public health directions as prescribed by the Queensland Department of Health.


Emergency & Crisis Management

ARC is committed to ensuring the health and wellbeing of all. Whilst ARC services are based in Cairns Australia, extreme weather events remain an ongoing risk. ARC will scale services based on the identified risk at the time. Priority in service provision is delivered as per the following:


Priority 1:           Supported Independent Living Houses and In Home Supports where there are no support networks

Priority 2:           Supports where Participants have limited support networks, or reliance on routine

Priority 3:           Group-based services including the Holiday House and Place-Based Programs

All ancillary services (Coordination of Supports, Plan Management and Operational Roles) are able to continue during emergency due to ARC’s shift in cloud-based technologies and work from home arrangements. 


Service Exit

At ARC we believe that just because you currently receive a service from ARC does not mean that you have to forever.

If at any point a Participant or their support network choose to receive services from another provider, ARC will show support and assist with the changeover. Past Participants are always welcome to consider ARC as a service provider again in the future.


ARC Emergency & Cancellation Phone

ARC services an emergency and cancellation phone which is managed for emergencies 24/7.


This phone can be contacted on 0499 111 432.


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