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A Quick Guide to Home Security

Before we get into the tips and tricks for securing your home it’s important to note that securing your home can make it more complicated to get out of as well. Therefore, some things mentioned below might not be ideal for all circumstances.

These security tips are aimed at deterring the honest criminals, the ones who will likely move on to another option if it is too difficult to gain entry into a home.

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Spare Keys

Despite the ease of the classic under the pot plant or door mat trick, for security purposes, spare keys should never be placed outside the home. If it is necessary for you to have keys outside of your home, a locked box or ‘keysafe’ should be installed to keep them safe. If your keysafe requires a code, it’s best to change it regularly.


Door Locks

External timber doors installed with this type of lock are particularly vulnerable to being forced. For better security, install a deadlock to your external timber doors.


Security Screens

Security screens are great for adding another layer of security. It is possible to install security screens to external doors. A good security screen door will have a tri-lock and will be able to be deadlocked by a key.


Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors, particularly older sliding glass doors locks are usually not very secure, however the locks can be easily replaced to improve their security. It’s possible to install a lock that can deadlock to most types of sliding glass doors.

For increased security, sliding glass doors should have keyed drop bolts installed.

Original sliding glass window locks should be supplemented with keyed window locks. These have the added advantage of being able to be locked with the window opened slightly (never more than 10 centimetres.)

Sliding glass doors and windows can also be security screened. In circumstances where exit may be required through a window in an emergency a “breakout screen” can be installed.

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Internal Locks

Doors and windows that have internal keylocks installed should not have the keys left in them. Especially if visible from outside. All types of locks can be keyed alike, so having access to 1 key can compromise all other locks throughout the home.

These are some of the simple solutions to making your home secure. As mentioned at the start of the article, installing these security items will make your home more secure but will also add extra steps to your routine when leaving your home. Making a checklist for things to do like locking the doors and making sure there are no keys left in their locks will help you make sure that you have checked everything before leaving the house or going to sleep. Additionally, some of these options may not suit you or the type of home you live in, but you can have as little or as many security solutions in your home as you wish, and it is good to know what is possible if you would like to explore security options for your home. 

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