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Inclusive Education Resource Centre

The ARC Inclusive Education Resource Centre facilitates equity of access for children with a disability to their educational and learning environments through the loan of therapeutic toys and educational resources.

Families, teachers, therapists, and other community members can visit the centre in person during opening hours. An educational advisor is available to assist. The Inclusive Education Resource Centre also has a mobile service, of educational resources for trial and we loan to students in state, Catholic and independent schools across FNQ region.  This is to improve access to and participation in the curriculum for school aged students with a disability.  


Our Mission

Where You Can Thrive

At ARC, we hold ourselves to the highest possible standard. We believe that all people deserve an outstanding education, fit exactly to their needs. ARC instills confidence and broadens opportunities by giving each student the skills they need to succeed.

For years, the caring community of ARC has provided educational resources to students with special needs, as well as unique abilities and backgrounds. We provide an individualized approach that offers support and facilitates inclusive resources. Every resource that ARC offers enhances the lives and expands the futures for all of our members, and their families as well.

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