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ARC Arts

Come and see what you can create

ARC Disability Services offers a unique and engaging variety of arts programs that deliver a bold vision of diversity. ARC works collaboratively in the community to create a pathway for people with ambition to take their place in the arts worlds.​​ Namely, the ARC Creative Ensemble.

About the ARC Creative Ensemble

ARC's Creative Ensemble is a group of creatives who come together and are supported to create and pursue their goals and aspirations in the arts. 

They have some truly impressive productions under their belt, including their short film 'The Dos & Don'ts of Getting Married' which saw an award studded film festival season and a bustling hometown premiere in 2022. 

You can read more about the film's success and watch the video from the Cairns premiere below.

Poster v15.jpg

Reach out to ARC's intake team to learn more about ARC Arts

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