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Beyond the Waves Tour 2024

Beyond the Waves, ARC Creatives' RADF and RAF funded magical puppet theatre production ‘about finding your courage’ delighted hearts right across Far North Queensland in March with our FNQ regional tour in March 2024.

Beyond the Waves, co-produced by BoxJelly Theatre Co., also performed to wonderful audiences as part of the Cairns Tropical Writers’ Festival, along with the ARC Creatives Book Author Q&A and a showcase of the award-winning short films, including the Academy Award and BAFTA qualifying short film, The Do’s & Don’t of Getting Married. Cairns Tropical Writers' Festival president, Jules Steer, said that the ARC Creatives theatre, books and films brought pure joy to the festival.


Beyond the Waves had an audience of approximately 400 people across 5 shows, received rave reviews and wonderful feedback across the regions. At Trinity Beach State School the performers received an extraordinary response - with excited clapping and cheering. The ARC Creatives commented that they now know what Taylor Swift feels when she walks on stage.


A huge congratulations to the incredibly talented ARC Creatives performers - Hayden Keable, Andrew Barton, Sonya Doust, Aaron Lee and Joy Nomani (who travelled back from Brisbane to join the tour), special thanks also to Lisa McFarlane who was a welcomed helping hand at rehearsals and selling tickets/ children’ books on our tour, our fabulous puppet doctors - Luca Crimaldi and Jenny Laritt, our incredible support worker team; Sarah James, Luca Crimaldi, Sheridan Lawton, Natasha McDonnell and last minute performer - Jess Rastoka! A big thanks to Lisa Walmsley for mentoring our pupeteers. And finally our wonderful co-producer - Rachel Terry of BoxJelly Theatre Co.


It sure takes a village to create a magical show of this magnitude!


In the words of Aaron Lee, ‘everyone put in a lot of hard work, effort and passion to this show.’

Article by Karen Jackson, Creative Arts Coordinator and ARC Creatives Leader


Fantastic. Creative. Sea characters the best. Brilliant props. So vibrant. Sounds wonderful - Dianna & Marinna

Fantastic! Loved it! – Jacqui

We absolutely loved it! – Trinity Bay State School

So much go, go, go! Such vibrant seashells, great work supporting the puppets and sound effects beautiful

So colourful and performers so engaged & committed

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